My twin sister, Koisnake, and I are students who live alone with our pets: Lucas the cat, Tahlia the corgi, and Loki the Kai ken. We lived in our home for about five months until our landlord told us that a previous tenant bought the house, living us with no option but to move..

We have until October 15th to leave. We cannot afford hefty apartment deposits at this time and pet deposits. We don’t want to give away our well behaved and house broken pets..

If you’re in the Cleveland, Middleburg Heights, Parma, Lakewood, Strongsville.etc and surrounding cities in NE Ohio, and don’t mind our little family being your roommates, (we can pay up to $700 rent each month..) please email me at yowulf@gmail.com or send me an ask.. if you can’t, please signal boost!!! :(

Please help.. we never expected this bomb to be dropped on us out of nowhere with barely any time to save and prepare.We may be forced to regime one of our loved dogs to make his work….

Thank you so much!